What is Pilates?

Joseph PilatesAll clients must go through an initial evaluation. Exercise routines are tailored to your needs. Pilates is a movement technique that connects the mind and the body to overcome muscular imbalance.

This differs from most types of physical exercise because Pilates will safeguard you from physical exhaustion while it surprises you with the challenge of executing efficient body movements. It was created by Joseph Pilates, a German citizen who was placed in an internment camp in England at the beginning of World War I. It was during this time he developed the techniques that would later become known as the "Pilates" principles: breathing, centralization, precision, movement sequence, concentration and core control.

A) Breathing: - adequate breathing to bring oxygen to your body tissues and eliminate toxins.

B) Centralization - longitudinal stretching and stabilization of your spinal column (core control).

C) Precision in your movement sequence - alignment of the arms and legs in relation to the center of the body to improve the quality of movement.

D) Concentration - You need to focus to ensure adequate movement (mind-body connection).

E) Control - This will allow you to master body movements with precision and harmony.

As you incorporate these principles at the nervous system level, you will become capable of "controlling" the correct and precise execution of your body movements with surprising results. Your body will begin to feel leaner as your muscles become firm and elongated. You will be a more relaxed individual because your mind will "control" each body movement, from the act of breathing to the precise positioning of your left foot. This is what Joe Pilates meant when he described his technique as "Contrology".